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You Are So Much More

You Are So Much More Master Imhotep through Karinna Nielsen

As a lightworker at this time of the great shift in consciousness, you may feel as though you are living in two worlds: your day-to-day, third-dimensional life and a higher-vibrating reality that you can access through meditation. You have a choice of just how much of these realities you would like to experience. You can focus on a world of fear and anger, or you can trust your heart and elevate your thoughts out of fear into love. You are empowered to create your own experience, and your life will reflect your choices.

In truth, you are so much more than what you see yourself to be in your life on Earth. The fullness of who you are exists in the eternal divine light of creation, and your human self is an aspect on Earth who experiences on behalf of creation. It is a great honor to experience life on Earth and journey into the density and self-imposed limits of the third dimension and return to love again. As it has often been said, you are a limitless being of light experiencing a human journey for the light of creation, and in each incarnation, you create a journey to remember that you are love, pure love