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Unconditional Love of the Divine Mother Is Expanding

Unconditional Love of the Divine Mother Is Expanding Cosmic Council through Pat Crosby

A loving being known to us in Western culture as Mary has been coming to many of us in various and individual ways. As we shared these connections within our circles and sessions in casual and group conversations, we were inspired to give a name to something called the Mary Collective. It turned out that some of us had been writing messages from Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Jeshua for decades, and we were only too happy to find others similarly inspired to share profound stories of healing heartaches, illnesses, relationships, traumas, and ancestral lineages.

The energy we are calling the Mary Collective includes Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene as well as other energies going by different names in different cultures. All these energies share a great heart presence and the wisdom of a loving mother energy. During conversations and sessions over many years, Mother Mary and the glorious Magdalene energies burst in with help — either channeled verbally or felt by huge increments of heart-expanding, healing love. Out of our group conversations, the name the Mary Collective came into our consciousness and is gathering strength in this dimension at divine request and human yearning.