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Twin Flame Light-Fusion Families

Twin Flame Light-Fusion Families The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

New Earth remains a genetic universe, and it is being fully restored to genetic integrity and sovereign freedom. It’s all part of the disclosure and truth of who you are as a species and what your soul-spirit’s IAM-DNA potential carries in your bio-essence soul codes. Your fully conscious biophysicals, along with the bio-soul of Earth, seed all the new quantum multi-helixes written in each soul’s unique master-code to upgrade human biology. It is the shift of a divine-human lightbody transit into an ascended biosphere and then a stellar light-fusion imprint vessel. It allows you to put your consciousness in any soul container, form, imprint, or vessel that suits your vibrational illumination to explore new experiences.

Herein, you explore your unique metaphysics and bio-essence meta-sense love in infinite unknowns as part of the new genetic, cosmic race in its light-fusion dynamics. This is only and always within your conscious awareness and energy, or illuminating heart-sphere of light. These include the new essence DNA vessels and cosmic intelligences, or quantum master-codes, to build new superconductive light systems that can soul adapt and grow with new meta-sense expressions of quantum density.