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Telepathy Is a Universal Language

Telepathy Is a Universal Language undefined through Robert Shapiro

Well, for starters, start practicing telepathy. All life forms on Earth have telepathy. And when you, the older generation, were born, you also operated for the first few years under telepathy. You couldn’t understand why your parents and the adults who raised you couldn’t understand you, and sometimes you cried out of frustration.

Parents often wonder, once they’ve fulfilled their baby’s needs, why the baby is crying. Sometimes they let the baby just cry it out. But uh, that’s not it. The baby needs comforting in that situation, and you can talk to the baby. If you’re reasonably conscious or if you’ve read this article, just say to the baby, “I’m sorry, but I can’t understand you because I have forgotten how to do telepathy. But I’m going to have an imaginary conversation with you.” And then you do that. Try to imagine how the baby would respond — not as a baby, no “goo-goo da-da,” none of that. Speak to the baby as if it is a peer, someone your age, someone who could talk.