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The Secret Wisdom of Animals

The Secret Wisdom of Animals Kim Malonie

Hi, my name is Ambrosia, and I’m a big, beautiful, handsome dog. I sometimes visit my grandparents, who live in a spirit house. They don’t live in a haunted house, mind you, because the spirits don’t do any haunting. I just want to let you know what it’s like from a pet’s perspective to visit a house that is occupied by people who have passed over and reside in a different dimension.

I find it rather hilarious that my people often wonder why I stare blankly at walls, why I suddenly run after things that, according to them, aren’t there, and why I investigate space when, according to them, nothing is there. They laugh at me and think I’m just a space cadet dog who goes blank and runs around foolishly after nothing, having a grand old time amusing myself [smiles].