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The Light of Source Oneness Infuses Reality

The Light of Source Oneness Infuses Reality Master Lord Metatron through Judith K. Moore

The light of Metatron that infuses reality is the pure essence of Source Oneness. It is the light of creation, which forms patterns of living geometries created from base energies on an elemental level. You are constantly being infused with Source Oneness light that illuminates the very essence of your core energetics. That which is not of love will yield to this power and transform to oneness.

You are inspired to seek out truth, to be a way-shower, and to make change. Most of all, you have learned how to stay in your heart and follow divine guidance. This inspiration comes from the deepest place within your being that is illuminated by the light of creation. Your mind responds to the frequencies of this powerful force and creates thought forms that become a belief system that reality is a loving existence part of the oneness and not separate from totality