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Follow the Way of Love

Follow the Way of Love Teachers of the Light through Thelma Bodnar

Greetings from all of us here preparing to bring you a message from the other side. We will have a meeting of the minds, as you are partial to saying. Inspiration comes to you from many sources as you maneuver daily life. Some things you act on; others, you choose to dismiss. The ones you dismiss may be forgotten entirely, or you may regret their quick dismissal. Maybe you don’t feel capable enough, inspired enough, or in love with the idea enough. Maybe all the ideas you’ve passed up would have made for an entirely different life: a different workplace, a different place to live, and different family and friends. Your choices evolve into other choices, directions, and journeys.

Some days you may find yourself melancholy and remembering with fondness an important moment in your life. Other days you may feel like you haven’t a thought in your head. You may find you need a nap every day, and other days are filled with inspiration, new ways of doing things, chores and errands to complete, and visits. Your life source spurs you on each day to new adventures, and even if the main event calls for rest and relaxation, it’s all a part of what your soul requires. It takes your body slowing down to allow your soul needs to be recognized and tended to. During meditation, many new feelings may come to the surface, and new ideas may pop in and pop out just as quickly.