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Fall into Rhythm with Your Immortal Self

Fall into Rhythm with Your Immortal Self The Pleiadians through Sylvia Bucek

Take a holy breath. It will see you through the last of the paradigm shift in these end days. The end and the beginning come together as seamlessly as a circle. Having come full circle, you must embrace the great leap forward coming your way to move expeditiously into a new beginning. As a sentient being, you have what it takes to create the perfect conditions to catalyze the shift to a higher order of life in which the divine human potential is unlocked. Your most valuable asset, besides being the sentient being you are, is your breathing.

There are two kinds of spiritual respiration. Horizontal respiration takes place between the outer and inner, and vertical respiration is the state of the soul and takes place between the above and below. When the body and soul breathe as one, you freely breathe the divine breath, which is freedom. In freedom, the self prays, “Thy will be done.” When reversed, the self prays, “My will be done.”