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Embrace Change

Embrace Change White Buffalo Calf Woman through Therese Dorer

Therese: The vision that I see is an open prairie landscape with tall grasses swaying in the soft breeze. Striding toward us is a tall woman dressed in white buckskin. She opens up her hands to you and welcomes all who choose to hear her words this day. It is White Buffalo Calf Woman.

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Welcome, children of Earth! Appreciation will support you going forward. I come forth to remind you to appreciate what you experience on Mother Earth. I understand that you may feel as if you are in the throes of chaos and confusion, and the very ground you walk on feels tentative and uncertain. You may ask why this is the time for appreciation. The answer is that the energy of appreciation will bring you into present time, and in this state of mindfulness, you will find solace and comfort.