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Dragonfly Ascension

Dragonfly Ascension Master Kuthumi through Natalie Glasson

Greetings, I am Master Kuthumi. It is an honor to be in your presence today. I wish to bring forth an energy to you and a transformation that is taking place and moving through the inner planes as well as integrating with Earth. This transformation and ascension energy is immensely important in this stage of ascension, and we have labeled it the dragonfly ascension because this energy, born from the Creator, holds the essence of the dragonfly soul and spirit. It seems to represent or is aligned with the dragonfly energy at its purest, most divine vibrations. We can imagine these vibrations coming forth on this stream of light as thousands of dragonflies, each with the purpose to connect with one soul on the inner planes of Earth to instigate and activate a deep transformation.

You may call forth in meditation the dragonfly most aligned with your being and with the transformation that is waiting to take place for you and your ascension. We are giving you this image of thousands of dragonflies because it supports you in connecting with the stream of energy that is this ascension transition. It is a way for your mind to grasp the energy or for you to call this energy forth and embody it. It also invites you to align with the vibration of the energy that most serves you in your life now. It is not necessarily that there are literally thousands of dragonflies; the dragonflies are merely representative of the energy coming forth from the Creator