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Connect with Humanity by Loving Yourself Unconditionally

Connect with Humanity by Loving Yourself Unconditionally Telos through Kenton David Bell

Good morning, dear people of Earth. We are Telos. We are one, yet we are many. We are unified, yet we are individuated as well. We are born from a template and DNA structure similar to humans on planet Earth. You might think of us as cousins to you, humans. There are many of us woven into the unique unity consciousness that we call Telos. We encourage you to think of yourself as individuated as well as one, for the space that planet Earth is moving into is your new reality.

Soon humans will begin to understand the simultaneous presence of multiple perspectives, allowing seemingly opposing ideas to exist in the same space equally. We are Telos; we are many, and we are one. So is humanity. Humans are working to clear the limitations of thought, belief, and choice prevalent in the third dimension. Unity consciousness — the Telos model — is what humans are looking to model