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Change Is the Order of the Day

Change Is the Order of the Day Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

In September 2022, the Uranus retrograde in Taurus that began on August 24 continues, picking up momentum with Uranus conjunct the Taurus point of avatar, which facilitates change. This change can sometimes be organized and planned for those aware enough to follow their instincts and hearts, but it may be sudden and disruptive for those more resistant and stubborn or for those who ignore the signs and signals pointing to a new way, a new path, and a new opportunity. Change is the order of the day during this time with portals and opportunities opening and perpetual restructuring, reordering, and reorganizing happening to keep pace with the constant flow of intense, creative life force energies of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, which must be harmonized to achieve a smoother flow within one’s life, nature, and all the cosmos aligned with balanced reciprocity.

Portals will be opening and closing rapidly as a great many beings and energies come and go for various purposes. This is a time to invite assistance from the people, beings, and energies who are here to support one’s life and work in a smooth, easy manner to come forth to express and align in the wisest and best interest of all in the cosmos, facilitating a smoother transition through this time of restructuring. One may invite assistance and dismiss any energies that are unsupportive, unhelpful, or unwise to facilitate balanced reciprocity within and without