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Become the Observer

Become the Observer God through Liane Rich

Let’s talk about judgment. When you begin to judge people, situations, and things, you literally run the energy of judgment through your body and your trillions of atoms and cells. It is like saying: “I am guilty!” Please do not judge yourselves or criticize yourselves in this way. You are meant to love and be loved. Let go of any negative energy, and you will return to your true state of self-love. It is impossible to love the self when you are constantly putting yourselves down with your thoughts.

Remember, your thoughts run through your body and your mind, and this literally is energy that affects your health and your sense of well-being. Learn to love and accept yourselves by sending thoughts of appreciation and gratitude through your billions and trillions of atoms, and you will literally speed up the vibration of your cells. Your body will respond to this rise in vibration in a very positive and healthy way.