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Be Prepared

Be Prepared Adironnda and the Council of Light and Master Yeshua through Marilyn Harper

Marilyn: I have to say that I love the opportunity to put a few thoughts down on paper. I like to journal by hand, not necessarily on the computer. I am also a trance channel, meaning that I don’t remember what I channel, so this gives me the experience of being able to read and absorb the message after it comes through me. Yes, there are dozens of typos when I have my fingers on the wrong keys, and sometimes I need to decipher the words. Yet somehow I feel like I am learning something new. I know Adironnda and the Council of Light are learning how to move through my fingers. It is certainly an interesting, energetic experience.

I had been asking them what would be the subject for this month’s article, and the only thing I heard was “be prepared.” So here it goes: Be prepared.