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Be Part of the Metaverse

Be Part of the Metaverse Agents of the Light through Raffaello Di Meglio

The answer to your question comes from the entire Council of the Agents of the Light. They first want to explain the concept of the multiverse. This is where many universes are brought together to carry out an infinity of purposes. We say “infinity” because there are no limits to ideas as they unfold to promote the evolution of many different systems. The multiverse has expanded; infinite energies and methods have emerged to accomplish this. As these energies converge with one another, they also create new methods.

The term “metaverse” is derived directly from this multiverse concept. So the metaverse that has been described by technologies, theories, and multimedia signifies an infinity of possibilities. This is also true in all the other vast unknown dimensions of evolution. This concept may be hard to understand from the human perspective. We take away the word “hard” because in a metaverse there are no constrictions, no restrictions, and no obstacles to expansion.