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Attune to a More Spiritual State of Being

Attune to a More Spiritual State of Being Donna Taylor

Astrology is a system of cycles within cycles. From the shortest cycles, such as the Moon’s twenty-eight day cycle and Mercury retrograde, to the longest cycles of the astrological ages, the movements of the planets reveal the greater, or higher, plan. When we are aligned with these cycles, we tend to live in greater harmony with life than someone who doesn’t. When we attempt to keep pushing outward while our planetary transits call for an inward phase, we might feel the ill effects: We could find that what we try to achieve comes to naught, we might struggle with illness or depression as the needs of our inner selves are ignored, or we could succumb to an accident or sudden trauma, such as losing our jobs. These types of experiences are the soul’s way of getting us to stop and change our focus.

Be in Sync with the Astrological Cycles

Few people in our modern day are in sync with their external or internal cycles; we don’t rest when we feel tired, and we don’t go to bed and rise at the same time every day. Women take a contraceptive pill to have control over the body’s natural rhythms and cycles. We don’t eat food that is in season or grown locally, and few people take the opportunity to hibernate over winter; instead, they try to maintain the same level of activity as they did during the summer. We no longer rest on Sundays or celebrate the cyclical points of the year, the equinoxes and solstices.