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Through the Eyes of Innocence

Through the Eyes of Innocence The Collective Soul Consciousness through Carolyn Gervais

The physical body was formed to pretend and hide the fact that you are a spiritual essence that has no beginning or end. The only way human beings can understand who they are is to realize on a soul level their unity with their fellow humans. Without bodies, no one is separate. Only egos are separate from one another. All living beings are created and exist as one energy force, no matter what anyone believes.

All souls come to Earth to experience and evolve beyond the dream of an earthly human form and to merge with other aspects of their male and female energies in physical realms on the other side of the veil. The human body responds to whatever consciousness it dwells in. All too often, the body consciousness serves only the will of the ego. The human ego without the benefit of spiritual insight cannot help but attack, harm, and create suffering for others and itself when it sees fit to do so.