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Mother Water Meditation

Mother Water Meditation Beloved Mother Mary through David Christopher Lewis

We are immersed in a giant droplet of divine water. It washes us clean in its mother energy and moves through our body temples, purifying our consciousnesses, cells, and auric fields in its nurturing love and light. We have all experienced being under a beautiful shower of water and being in a body of water, swimming deep, enjoying the fishes, dolphins, and other sea creatures.

This droplet of water expands to become a mini ocean around us, and we experience many beautiful water beings, the amazing undines who glide effortlessly through the water: dolphins, seals, whales, otters, and those who love us even as we love them. We might even see some mermen and mermaids smile at us and give us the gift of their ease of swimming in undulating currents, wave patterns that themselves honor the water