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Your New Multidimensional Life

Your New Multidimensional Life Angel Raphael through Adria Estribou

This is a most interesting time as you begin to experience dimensions all at once, or here and there, instead of jumping from one to another and back again. This kind of multidimensional living can feel uncomfortable, exhilarating, unfamiliar, and disorienting. It’s all right to not quite know where you are most days, because you’re in more than one location. The feeling that you are vaster than you are and also more disparate is very real.

You might feel disconnected from the very linear efforts other people are making right now. Even if you passionately believe what they are about — reforming legislation and political party manipulation, for example — you might not feel drawn to be in the trenches, and you wonder what’s happening.

What’s happening is reform on the third dimension. In a legislative sense, and in other cathartic-upheaval healing senses, there’s quite a lot going on in the third dimension. Reform, renewal, and refreshment are not happening only on the fifth-dimensional level; they are also happening on the third but in a different way.