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You Are Living Threads in the Tapestry of God

You Are Living Threads in the Tapestry of God Inspired Guidance through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

You are all living threads of light in the tapestry of God. Each of you is a different shade of God, a different sound of God, a different color of God. Your dreams are all different, and your personalities are different, but your desires for love are similar. You were not created to be the same; God loves all his flavors of creation. In many dimensional existences, there is permanent oneness, an allness and unity that is a natural flow of evolution.

You all volunteered to come to Earth to wear different colors, see different sunsets, kiss different babies, and learn to love. Yes, you are all One. Yes, you are the same light. But you deliberately incarnated into different Earth experiences, embracing her wisdom. You came here deliberately to be different shades of gray and new songs in heaven.

You came to a point of deliberate oneness earlier in 2020, as the crown of light was placed on Earth. You have been forced into corners of inner thought and life, deliberately, purposefully, and judiciously. The world paused on a holy in-breath as a living oneness came to Earth. You were forced like a flock of consciousnesses into one holding place of thought. Within yourselves, within your friends, and within your families, the hall of mirrors wrapped itself around you tightly as the event that changed Earth was given free rein/reign. Divinity rode in on the back of human ignorance and used the opportunity to mantle its love around Earth.