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Welcome to the Times of Mastery

Welcome to the Times of Mastery Scientist of the Heart and Merlia through Steve Rother

Scientist of the Heart: Greetings, dear ones. I come this day with good news for planet Earth. Much shifting is going on, as you’ve seen over recent months and even years. A considerable amount of energy has come together and been stored in a very small space. As a result, so much happens every day. Many important pieces are now falling into place, one after another. Sometimes it’s difficult to catch up and figure out where you are today and what is the most important piece to watch.

We’re going to share with you an important point. About four years ago, we mentioned something happening in the middle of the Milky Way galaxy. In the very heart of the galaxy is a black hole that formed the galaxy. As the black hole was feeding, it pulled in all the planets around it, leaving a beautiful little spiral in space you call the Milky Way. So many planets in your galaxy have life. You’ll find out about this eventually, because you’ll discover ways of communicating outside the timeline.

So many opportunities will arrive in the very near future. About four years ago, the Milky Way started to change its energy. The black hole at its heart started to feed very slowly by drawing in matter. It isn’t simply trailing a long series of planets behind it; instead, it is starting to pull them into the black hole. And that action changed time, not only for planet Earth but for everything in the Milky Way galaxy and beyond, because other galaxies are tied to yours in other dimensions.