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We Are One; We Are Flow

We Are One; We Are Flow The Community through Carol Sydney

Carol: I was recently contacted by a group who call themselves the Community. They are a telepathic group of beings from a quadrant in the multiverse that humanity has yet to imagine exists. They speak to me through a giant crystal array in a place unknown to me.

In writing, I did not use quotation marks because it felt presumptuous and in error to deduce that they, not me, were speaking. They exist not as lone beings separate from one another or from me.

I see their presence move into the crystal, and the crystal hues change from clear to a blue similar to Earth’s sky. It is translucent but remains the same color no matter how deep their energy infuses the matrix. It is like looking into a clear-blue expanse of water in which the color never changes but deepens in intensity according to the depth of water you look through. The same is true for the Community and the energy it holds.