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A Testing Month

A Testing Month Donna Taylor

Although we might all be hoping for easier times, if the planetary lineup is anything to go by, we’re not out of the woods yet. September looks like another volatile month during which it will take a lot of self-restraint and mindfulness to keep our composure. The main feature of this month is that Mars — the warrior planet — turns retrograde on Wednesday, September 9. This adds to the intensity of the dramatic square aspects he is making to Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto.

The planet of war made his first pass by these planetary giants in August, and it’s likely that whatever happened then is going to ramp up a couple of levels as he turns on his heels for a return sparring match. Only this time, Mars is full of frustration and anger, so we can expect a few fireworks, both on the world stage and in our lives.

If we don’t want to get burned, we need to proceed with caution and think before we act. And if we do act, we need to understand what is motivating our actions. Mars retrograde is generally not the best time to take action, and it favors a return to previous projects and a passive approach. Instead of trying to make things happen, we should allow things to happen.