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The Secret Wisdom of Animals: Ascension — Thoughts from the Animal Kingdom

The Secret Wisdom of Animals: Ascension — Thoughts from the Animal Kingdom Kim Malonie

We are all called on by the intergalactic universe to speak through Kim Malonie for the animal kingdom and all the kingdoms. We ask all the souls of Earth for a collective healing, soul awakening, and energy awakening at this crucial time. We have never transmitted such a deep and powerful message as we will today, so please bear with us as we try not to all talk together and overwhelm the channel. [Smiles.]

We have much information to share with you. Because we all are of a very high vibration, we have access to knowledge of what is going on. We get it directly from the source: Mother Earth and Father God. You must understand, dear ones, that everything happening on Mother Earth at this time deeply affects the whole universe, the galaxies, all the animal kingdoms, the trees, and every organism. We have all decided to get together everyone sharing this beautiful planet with us and speak with one united voice. Let’s see now who’s here and who’s arriving: There is all the wild kingdom with all domesticated and ocean life standing and swimming as one.

If you can, visualize, dear ones: Lions sit with domestic house cats, tigers with gazelles, and gorillas hold baby chicks. Bears and wolves riding on humpback whales just arrived. [Smiles.] Exotic parrots just flew in and landed on elephants for a ride. Oh, what a joyous site to behold! This is the way we live in other realms. We all live together and get along; it is only on this lower-density planet that we fight and kill each other. In the other realms, we are brothers and sisters created equal. We are all together for this very important message.