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Revelations from the Ancient Practice of Ascended Numerology

Revelations from the Ancient Practice of Ascended Numerology Kira Raa

As a miracle in action, you are the living embodiment of ascended numerology. This ancient system was practiced by the Essene brethren and the mystical Magi. As a being was incarnated, the wise ones arrived at the birth and created the sacred scrolls that would guide the soul’s evolution through this experience of form.

This original system was passed through generations of carriers for this soul-code system. Similar to the Dead Sea Scrolls, this system of calculations was carefully transcribed and protected. It was lost when over 750,000 papyrus scrolls were destroyed during the burning of the Library at Alexandria. This occurred shortly after the convergence of the First Council of Nicea (the council that determined which writings to include or discard as part of the official Bible).

The modern revelation of ascended numerology, as offered through Master Lady Kira Raa, has come through Archangel Zadkiel, the ascended masters, and the Essenah Brethren. These beloved ones offer the foundation of clear and potent revelations of the ascended soul messages and applications of the sacred numbers 0 to 12, the full 13 spectrums of energy that offer the soul direct guidance and clarity.