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Resuscitate the Soul of Gaia

Resuscitate the Soul of Gaia The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

Why are you here right now in these circumstances: a global pandemic, upheaval in your society, and the degradation of your planet? Is it punishment? Is it karma? No! It is time to resuscitate the whole Earth and you with it. Earth and humankind must reset, purge, change priorities, and rethink the future of the planet in an all-encompassing way.

It is time to unclog your mind, body, and Earth. Pollution manifests in many forms in your world. It is not only a detriment to Gaia but also to humans. Everything on Gaia is clogged to the hilt and has been for more than 100 years. Your lakes, rivers, and oceans are backed up and choking on garbage. Too many human bodies are obstructed with fatty and sugary foods and often an excess of alcoholic beverages that exercise alone cannot unclog. Human minds are blocked with fear, greed, false beliefs, and distorted values.

Many people born in the United States, or people in other countries who work at modeling themselves after the U.S. in every way possible, tend to believe and act as though they are somehow entitled. These Americans and their foreign admirers usually believe that in order to be seen as successful and superior to the rest of the human race, they must somehow attain all that their minds conjure up as an effect of the ego, such as luxury cars, designer clothes, extravagant dining, and even unnecessary travel abroad during a pandemic, no matter who might be put at risk.