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Release the Depression Dimension

Release the Depression Dimension The Elemental Kingdom through Natalie Glasson

We, the Elemental Kingdom, are composed of numerous types of beings with diverse roles. Together, our purpose is to protect and safeguard the nature kingdom and Mother Earth. We are cocreators with the Creator of Earth, the nature kingdom, the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom, and in fact, all aspects of Earth. We deliver specific vibrations and light frequencies from the Creator to Earth to create Earth’s beauty, growth, vigor, life, and continuous cycles. We offer healing, wisdom, love, and inspiration, as well as reactivations of how to manifest and create with the seed energies of the Creator.

We, the Elemental Kingdom, wish to support Mother Earth and humanity in your multidimensional ascension shift, which is taking place now. We recognize that a great surge of energy is being released and leaving Mother Earth at this time, and we assist this powerful cleansing process of stagnant energy, which has been long embedded in the earth. Fear, anxiety, control, illusion, mistrust, and misused power are being released, as humanity recognizes these energies within.

Humanity is the key in this current ascension shift: You are the key to creating the transformation all wish to experience. Often without realizing it, humanity embodies the energies required to be released, consciously recognizing, healing, and liberating the stagnant energies in order to create transformation for all. We, the Elementals, assist with and oversee this process.