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The Quantum Instrument

The Quantum Instrument The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

How is your heart code the imprint for all the new technologies that will reimagine your world?

The quantum vessel is an instrument of the All That Is presence in the receptive imagination of spirit heart’s master-code potentials. This biosphere or instrument houses a new-species DNA organism with antigen immunity, new imprint helixes, and super-sense abilities. It houses a master of both limitation and illusion who has also become its own master of embodied sovereign light. This light-chamber container also houses the biophysics of how the heart energy has explored what love means to its embodied soul-spirit. Its sovereign heart energy receives, shares, and communicates its soul’s unique genetic master-DNA codes with the cosmos.

Hence, each master-conscious vessel becomes its own internal free-energy biosphere. And within it, your embodied master has its own ecosystem, economy, essence qualities, and gifts, as well as regenerative imprints for any life code as its own creator and as its own reality. Your quantum instrument also serves as an adaptive imprint for your new-species evolutionary organism that is evolving all life for all the ensouled children of creation. This heart code is the imprint for all new technologies that will re-imagine your world.