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The New Renaissance Is the Light after the Dark

The New Renaissance Is the Light after the Dark Xenanthium through Hugh Campbell

Humanity has always been resistant to change. This is a consequence of forgetting who we all really are. Humanity has always been enamored with the human brain and holds intelligence in high regard. Indeed, the human mind can be fascinating, but the mind is a grain of sand compared to who we really are. Humanity has always been swept along by leaders who sweeten the ears of the majority. Politicians are a reflection of humanity. They are a reflection of us and only hold the positions they do because a part of us supports them. Nothing happens by accident, but most people would rather position themselves as victims than take responsibility for their thoughts and beliefs. They say, “What I believe doesn’t matter!” Nothing could be further from the truth.

The true purpose of the mind is to keep the body safe throughout the experience that the soul decided to have within this realm of reality. The mind was meant to adapt to its environment. It was meant to keep the body safe until the soul or God-self could awaken and take the mind and body out of default mode. When we realize that we are grand beings of light energy, we can no longer live in default mode. This mode of operation has been described as the fight-or-flight response. This response mechanism is used by politicians and other leaders to promote hate and fear.

Humanity has always been encouraged to live in default mode. Religion, politics, and the philosophy of humanism all promote it. When you look around the world and see today’s leaders, you should ask yourself, “Are they promoting love, peace, harmony, and joy, or are they promoting hate and fear? Are these leaders coming from their God-selves, or are they coming from their humanness and pushing my default buttons?”