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New Paths Empower Your Life and World

New Paths Empower Your Life and World The Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Much of September is about seeking ways to restructure, reorder, and reorganize life and the world so that it aligns with what is believed, professed, and promised. This is in the wisest and best interest of all beings. Everything incongruent with soul-aligned truth will be brought into the light of day for examination, recalibration, or disintegration. Values, ideas, and ideals will be scrutinized to ensure that they affirm compassionate expression for all. The age-old acceptance of “just the way things are” no longer holds sway or appeal. It will no longer be accepted. Awareness of what no longer serves or empowers the lives of those on planet Earth will bring about a concerted effort to discover alternatives. New directions will empower and encourage all to be the best they are capable of being and to share their gifts, talents, wisdom, and experience for the betterment of all.

Venus in Cancer squares Mars in Aries and opposes Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, signaling a time in which the human kingdom becomes fully aware and empathetic to all residents of this Earth plane and will reap consequences of actions and choices. Only in balanced reciprocity, the figure 8 flow of giving and receiving, will the heart become so open, receptive, and accepting that the abundance of life, love, and beingness flourish on planet Earth. For those aligned with these energies, new directions, opportunities, and ways of being, living, and loving will present themselves in abundance. Those seeking to define these new directions through rigid regulations due to lack of caring for the safety of others jeopardize their homes, families, and communities. They will reap the karma sown, as they themselves become rigid, limited, and bound in their life expressions or discover that their lack of caring about others renders them isolated, alone, and entombed in the ivory towers of their own creation.

Balanced reciprocity is like the flow of water. The tides rise and fall in organic giving and receiving with people, places, plants, animals, mountains, trees, wind, and air. Becoming aware of and gratefully honoring each element that sustains health and happiness feeds, empowers, and enhances all.