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New Information for Old Souls

New Information for Old Souls Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Adironnda [who just channeled before Kryon] spoke so wisely about the identical things we teach: Channeling should have a coherence between channelers, since they channel within the same energy field. This field is filled with love, compassion, and benevolence from the Creative Source, which some of you call God.

Channeling comes from so many sources, you might say, but the ones that are accurate and true are filled with the love and compassion of Spirit. This field is also something else: It’s a multidimensional source of potentials on this planet, since it contains all consciousnesses of all the souls here. It goes beyond that thing you call the veil and touches the face of the Creator. This is where our information comes from, dear ones, and if you hear channeling that is filled with fear or ego or asks you to do inappropriate things or to follow a certain rule set — beware! Those messages are not coming from the field.

This field we speak of is becoming more coherent and recognizable by old souls. Some who have been watching these three days [referring to the Worldwide Channeling Retreat] are very old souls on the planet. Those interested in coming to an all-day event of meditation and channeling often have maturity that others do not have when it comes to spiritual things. That maturity comes from experience, training, teaching, and being taught lessons during many lifetimes.