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Navigate Multidimensional Presence

Navigate Multidimensional Presence The Divine Directors through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Welcome to all. Welcome to those who have chosen to remember and claim their mastery presence in form.

The moment of unification is here. The conscious calling forward of balanced restoration is now flowing with divine inspiration for those who have chosen the divine nature of their ascended presence. In the cocreative nature of this time experience, this moment is expansive and dynamic as a cocreative essence.

This essence is yours to claim. Restore all that is within to the fullness of your mastery presence in harmony with your body of form. You remember with ever-decreasing doubt that the energy that you are and are cocreating is both distinctive and unified. The spirals of the multidimensional witness experience ignite once again with the joy-filled enthusiasm of remembrance and are now mirroring the upliftment.