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Let Change Happen

Let Change Happen The Great Wisdom through Judith K. Moore

Your soul is prepared for these times of upheaval and transformation. You are ready to meet the challenge of uncertainty with the power of faith that is strong in your consciousness. You might feel uncertain and confused, but the divinity of your soul will guide you to the highest good for you, your family, and humanity. You are right where you are supposed to be, whatever your situation. It has manifested by divine plan.

Ultimately, your soul has chosen love, and you have been chosen to be of service to the light of new creation. Forces at work in your consciousness are beyond your comprehension. Take a breath and relax into the flow of Divine Oneness working in your life. You cannot go back to the past; that world no longer exists. It lives only through the memories of your experiences. These experiences shaped your destiny, because you chose not to be controlled by fear. You chose not to be destructive but to cocreate with the force of creation that is a loving universe manifest in your reality.

The power of faith is a force of divine creation that assures existence will continue to manifest from the source of all oneness. At the darkest hour, the power of faith inspires hope and courage. This manifestation of the natural forces of creation shapes reality, as it truly is as a reality connected to the web of life — not the illusion of separation but the truth of oneness.