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Human Energy Systems: Etheric Threads of Attachment

Human Energy Systems: Etheric Threads of Attachment Charles Shahar

Whenever an attachment develops between two people, subtle threads of energy run between them. The quality of these connections depends on the type of relationship involved and its intensity. The intensity relates to the amount of emotional identification between them, their physical proximity, and the duration of their relationship. The latter is not necessarily measured in conventional terms, since it might include links established in previous lifetimes.

Threads of attachment are generally brightest when a person is actively thinking about another. Interestingly, if the connection is strong, both usually end up thinking about each other at the same time even if they are physically apart. Moreover, if both are angry at each other, it is likely that they will both experience the same feelings at the same time. That is what these connections are about: They keep emotions or sentiments alive for as long as a person holds them in his or her consciousness.

People who initially developed strong ties and end up living in separate cities or countries will maintain threads of attachment, but these will likely fade with time. How can these lines run across thousands of miles? It is a subtle connection rather than something physical. In the subtle dimension, distance is a term relative to the psychic distance between people.