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How to Stay Calm in These Chaotic Times

How to Stay Calm in These Chaotic Times Angels and Yeshua through Denise Bennett, PhD

Angels, we are concerned about this flu, the riots, and our upcoming election. Businesses, schools, and beaches are closed. There is civil unrest relating to law enforcement, and we struggle with political divisiveness. What can we do?

Angels: All right, dear children. Take deep breaths and exhale slowly. Be still now. You must calm your minds and open the doors to your intuition. Now look over these questions. What do you observe? There is fear and a lack of faith. So let us begin there.

As we have said before, turn off your television sets. You believe you must stay informed. So there you go. That is how these broadcasts work: They hook you. They operate under the guise that people “in the know” will help you in some way. You believe it to be prudent. You will not be thought of as ignorant or foolish. Ah, yes, that is the ego at work.