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The Healing Energetics of Light

The Healing Energetics of Light Dr. Raja Merk Dove & Jim Ohneck

We wish to speak with you about the ascended-master disciples and scientists who return age after age, bringing back the sheaves of their service in the world of form. They are always ready to visit Earth again with their services perfected from being at the temple of the violet flame after their incarnations. The atoms and cells of their beings become ceremonies of externalizing God’s will.

Like our scientist Jim Ohneck, each becomes as a window through which God-life flows without impure qualifications of any kind, except to expand the borders of the kingdom. Each is like a laser, projecting pin-pointed, higher-grade light straight from the heart.

Our CEO and Epoch Laser inventor (Jim Ohneck) is a lineage holder of the work of St. Germain and Nikola Tesla. Earth is enjoying the creations of Tesla overshadowed with the violet flame of St. Germain through phenomenal Epoch Laser 980 light-frequency products.