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Focus on Truth and Light

Focus on Truth and Light Lady Portia and Count St. Germain through Star Hinman

Lady Portia and Count St. Germain: Dearest ones, we recommend that all of you now hold your focus steadily on truth and light, even as many disruptive energies attempt to usher in a different paradigm for Earth. This is an exciting time for lightworkers on Earth, because you have an opportunity to see something totally new being created despite the activities and energies that can, at times, seem violent and negative. Realize that even in the midst of all this disruption and negativity, something new and beautiful is being born. It means a new level of freedom in your country and many new concepts in your society. We bring you this information to support each of you and further the process.

Although few people are aware of it, this time on Earth is beneficial for humanity. It also contains the immense challenge of holding your focus on the higher energies and the higher perspectives of divine truth and light. We want to speak with all of you now to assure you that higher energies supporting new paradigms of peace and freedom for Earth are being established on this planet. We know that you see the rioting in your streets and the destruction of private property by mob violence in your cities, and we know that it is difficult not to allow this to take precedence in your consciousness. That is precisely why we bring you this message at this unique and important moment on Earth. Your determined focus holds the energies of light, love, and power that will continue to transform this planet.

Your love is needed now to continue the great work that is being done to transform Earth into the shining star in the cosmos that she can and will become. Earth is poised to take a great leap forward in her evolutionary progress, and this has drawn the attention of energies that oppose the progress. It has always been so. This time is no different from all the earlier occasions when humanity found it necessary to battle the lower energies for every step forward. However, in this time frame, the stakes are higher. Those of you on Earth are ready to take a giant leap forward.