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Eyes Wide Open and Consciousness Present

Eyes Wide Open and Consciousness Present The Divine through Sara Wiseman

We said that the worst is over, and this confused you. How could the worst be over when there is much “worst” still here? Yet, it is true. The reason that the worst is over is that you now have your eyes wide open. You are no longer asleep. Even those of you who have been asleep or who have wanted to go back to sleep are now aware. There is a different feeling to everything. Many of you are extremely aware of this, and all of you are partly aware of this.

Consciousness has come into the human field and is now part of the human vibration. This has been a long time coming. It will continue to build, and the fruits of this awakening will manifest at the end of 2020. It is arriving more quickly than you realize.

Until then, it is important to be with your pain — the pain that arrives from looking at what is without numbing out. It is incredibly sad (is it not?) — the suffering, chaos, violence, hatred, rage, and hopelessness. When looking at the suffering — yours and yours and yours — with your eyes wide open, you can begin to process, release, and transmute the pain.