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Embrace a New Awareness of Who You Truly Are

Embrace a New Awareness of Who You Truly Are Goddess Sophia through Karinna Nielsen

Karinna: Even during the pandemic, as life slows down and we are called to go inward while the structure of our lives is shifting, spiritual guidance has not slowed down — quite the contrary. We are never alone, though at times we might feel that way. When we open our hearts to the spiritual connections within, we find that the guidance realms are constantly there to serve us.

It wasn’t surprising when I recently felt a new level of guidance coming through that opened my heart expansively, even though, yet again, I wasn’t immediately certain who I was channeling. (See? They make me work for it!) I felt a higher frequency of guidance than ever before. I felt calmness, knowing, and pure love. When I am in this energy during meditation, all thoughts fade and I feel as if I’m swimming in a peaceful ocean on a calm and sunny day. When I finally heard the name in my heart and understood, it took my breath away. My gratitude is immense, and I am humbled for the honor of bringing the wisdom and light of this loving goddess through for you.

Goddess Sophia: As you process through layers of who you think you are, every one of you gradually releases the illusion that you are anything other than love. In releasing these layers, there will be times when you will want to hold on to the illusion and continue to be who you thought you were and do what you thought you were supposed to do in your life on Earth. However, with time and more and more self-love, you will begin to feel more comfortable with the new awareness of who you truly are.