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Differences Are Essential

Differences Are Essential The Inner Earth People through Jaap van Etten

Jaap: You will understand this channeling better if I give a short introduction. My meeting with the Sidhe that led to the writing of Birth of a New Consciousness made me aware that the human consciousness that we know (our collective consciousness) is only part of the total human consciousness. This realization set me on a journey of studying human consciousness grids. In this process, I learned that the Sidhe are more diverse than I initially thought. I also learned that other groups of humans are part of the total human consciousness system. I call these different groups the Inner Earth People, the Blue Race, and the Master Race.

There are, according to many traditions, four worlds. Each of these worlds has a specific vibration. The first world has the highest, and the fourth world (our world) the lowest. All four worlds still exist. The Inner Earth People have a broad range of frequencies and live in the fourth, third, and second worlds. I never communicated with the Inner Earth People but felt their presence and energy, especially while sitting on a vortex of their consciousness grid.

Recently, sitting on a vortex of the consciousness grid of the Inner Earth People belonging to the second world (image 1). I suddenly felt a connection. Even though it was a bit awkward and we needed to get used to each other, the message that finally came through was relevant for our time. That is why I will share it.