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Coffee with Buddha: Every Moment Is a Gift

Coffee with Buddha: Every Moment Is a Gift Master Buddha through Rae Chandran

You are the gift to yourself and the world. Life is a gift. Your body is a gift. Everything that supports you is a gift. The air you breathe is a gift. Everything in life is a gift. How do you express these gifts? The purpose of being born is to express the gifts of you through the many moments you experience, hence the term “present moment”: You are presented with constant opportunities to express your gifts. Each of you expresses these gifts in a multitude of ways, including a kind word, a smile, a touch, or a look. Some people express their gifts through fear-based emotions and actions, but in all instances, you are expressing your gifts.

When you express your gifts, is it natural and spontaneous or from a hidden agenda or need for fulfillment? When you express yourself, you create an energy field that goes out into the universe, and through the subtle laws of the universe, you draw forth what you send out. Your expression of yourself in all moments is a statement of who you are in each moment. It is your message about yourself to the world.

When you express yourself at every moment, your body records all that you express and send out, and this creates an imprint on your auric field and on Mother Earth’s body. These imprints, through the power of resonance, attract similar energies and create powerful thought patterns on Mother Earth’s body. This affects all the energies that support humanity on a moment-to-moment basis.