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Choose Love, Not Fear

Choose Love, Not Fear Mother Mary through Therese Dorer

Therese: I see a gathering of radiant white light form a circle, and emerging from it is our most benevolent Mother Mary. She holds out her hands and offers us streaming light of unconditional love.

Mother Mary: Face your fears. Children of the world, I come forth this day to bring you unconditional love and to encourage you to face the fears that you might be holding in your hearts and minds. I understand that you are experiencing confusion and feel overwhelmed as you make your way forward on your life’s journey. The world you inhabit at this time is going through an unprecedented grand upheaval. In the past, chaos was experienced in different parts of the world, but in your now time, the world is shifting together.

This is not a punishment or result of something you have personally done wrong. It is quite the opposite: The whole world has been given a wonderful opportunity for all humanity to embrace strength, courage, and trust in the unfolding new reality. This upheaval is part of the plan, as the changes are necessary for Mother Earth and for humanity. You agreed to come to the planet at this auspicious time, and you have the strength to withstand the unfolding currants of change.