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Choose a Flowing Path

Choose a Flowing Path Gatherers of the Truth through Thelma Bodnar

Greetings, dear ones. In olden days, things were much different. Hardships were plentiful, and the courage to persevere was the key to survival. You might feel you are revisiting these other lifetimes with all the changes occurring in your current existence. If you look back five years or even a year ago, you might realize you faced hardships then too. That’s the way you saw things, anyway.

So these new challenges you’re adapting to, whether you are glad about them or they dismay you, please realize that this too shall pass. You are not on an endless spiral of doom and gloom. You can jump off the path you’ve found yourself on and start a new path. All roads lead to where you’re supposed to be; some might just take longer. And you’ve been given the means and free will to make those changes.

Accepting where you are is the first step. Deciding whether that’s where you want to be is the second step. Realizing change is inevitable and you have a choice where you stand on the path (or whether you choose to step off the current path and forge a new direction). Activating your inner compass and asking yourself who you choose to be, how you choose to react, or if you choose to flow amid the chaos, are your primary activators.