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Change amid the Chaos

Change amid the Chaos Lynn Buess

Global and national events might have an impact on your life this month. Amid the chaos and attempted takeover of humanity is an outpouring of the hearts of good people all over the world. Materialism is not as attractive as it was before the questionable pandemic, and a renewed quest for spiritual understanding and values increases.

More good-hearted souls are adopting animals or discovering the joys of rescuing and improving the lives of various species. Just as humans approach a level of ascension, animals too are benefitting from further contact with humans as they move toward their ascension consciousness. A tighter bond is formed among all species and levels of life.

Expect more pressure from a newly self-appointed global health czar and soon potentially largest global pharmaceutical dispenser to impose his coronavirus vaccine in order to further control and diminish the masses. A far-northwest governor with a globalist agenda gains attention with questionably long and complicated extensions of coronavirus regulations.