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The Awakening Is Nigh

The Awakening Is Nigh Anubis through Kenneth Drake

You have longed for silence and for the return to stillness, have you not? You have longed for the return to what your world considers normal, in your words. Such will never be again. We would even say that such never truly was, for what you term “normal,” even in times and ages past, was mediocrity and illusion; it was the silence of slumber.

You have heard it said on many occasions that when the awakening comes, she comes in stillness and in silence — that awakening is blissful and filled with beauty. Indeed, it is so, to a certain extent; we would not deny this fact. When awakening comes — and with it the great balance of mind, body, and soul integration — there is indeed stillness and great rest. Have the holy books of old within your world not encouraged labor to enter into rest? Indeed, rest and stillness and the beautiful bliss heralded by so many among you is a great and transcendent reality.

We speak now to remind all within your world that you have not arrived — not yet. You have been deceived! Many in your midst have, on occasions past, spoken and taught of awakening in such elementary and childlike terms, citing it as some moment of arrival rather than as the eternal process it is — the great journey toward continuous evolution of consciousness that you have termed the God and the Goddess.