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Ask Sara: Real Answers through Spirit

Ask Sara: Real Answers through Spirit Sara Wiseman

Each month, we’ll answer questions about spirituality, intuition, soul growth, and how to work in flow with the universe.

Sometimes when I am in meditation I receive a message (or think I do), but when I come out of meditation and think back on it, it makes no sense or I can’t place it anywhere in my life. Should I wait for a moment when it all makes sense, or should I look into different places, aspects, or people in my life to place it somewhere?
— Margarita

Sara: When we gather intuitive information in meditation, a few things can happen. First, receiving a psychic flash is instantaneous; the universe knows your question before you ask it. That means your answer arrives the moment, or sometimes before, you ask your question. So you need be ready to receive information immediately, even before you are settled into your meditation.