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Ask the Angels: Make Room for True Pleasures

Ask the Angels: Make Room for True Pleasures the Angels through Cheryl Gaer Barlow

I’ve read your books, and now I’d like to know whether the angels say anything about prosperity. Other spiritual authors talk about bringing abundance into your life, but you don’t. Why not? Also, how do we really know that we connect with God when we pray? Should we go to a church to pray?”
— Chantel, Parker, AZ

From the Angels: These words are to be cherished as sacred messages from us, the holy angels of God. Receive these sacred covenants in communion with your heart and mind. The secret of obtaining the desires of the heart are now disclosed:

The mortal human is to begin the method of wanting nothing beyond the needs of the body. Other belongings are unnecessary, cumbersome, and hold back the development of the soul. Rid yourself of encumbrances. Hold one thing to your heart, not one hundred trivial things. People of true worth have few possessions. More than is needed clutters the mind. Let go of all that is not needed in life.