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You Got This (Believe in Yourself!)

You Got This (Believe in Yourself!) Nancy Robinson

We all have special gifts and talents, but sometimes it’s easy to doubt ourselves or feel less than if we see others who seem to excel or appear further along with their success. If this happens, remember that you, too, have a divine anointment with extraordinary talents and abilities of your own. Whether you’ve already accessed your gifts, are just becoming aware of them, or haven’t yet started exploring your higher purpose, your path is as important as anyone else’s.

Reinforce Your Own Extraordinary

Be careful about comparing your insides to someone else’s outsides: It can be soul crushing to compare what you feel you don’t have to what you think someone may be doing better. If this happens, take a breath and refocus on qualities that are special and unique to you. Spend time developing and investing in your gifts to build confidence in what you have to offer.