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We Will Never Let You Down

We Will Never Let You Down The Angel Group Akabesh through Ingrid Auer

Greetings to you! We are the angel group Akabesh, and we have an important message for you. On your spiritual path to mastery here on Earth, you do not always have somebody by your side that understands you, advises you, or supports you in making decisions. On the contrary, you will sometimes feel misunderstood, rejected, or even hostility toward you. You might reach a point where you doubt whether your path is the right one or if it might be better to just give up.

You pioneers of the New Age, we know it is not always easy to stand out from the crowd, and it takes courage and strength to precede others with your light. Before you incarnated, you asked for our advice. We sat together on the other side of the veil, and we showed you what it meant to be a lightworker. You knew the full potential of your soul and, therefore, wanted to be born as a spiritual pioneer of this time. Nothing and nobody could have stopped you!

Now you are here in your human form, and you feel the rough winds blowing in your face. We are also here, even if you do not always perceive us. You need to know that lightworkers always have a legion of heavenly helpers and companions by their sides. You have our special protection, love, and care.