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We Are in a Time of Becoming

We Are in a Time of Becoming Angel Ariel through Adria Estribou

This is Angel Ariel. Humankind has entered a new phase of evolution. We want you to know you are in a time of becoming. This is a little different from the time of reflection, in which you were a mirror for what was around you. And it’s certainly different from being trodden on and subjected to someone else’s vision for yourself or your life. You know very well how to follow rules, orders, and (somewhat begrudgingly perhaps) someone else’s vision for you. What does it mean to be in a time of becoming? Are you becoming someone or something else? We think not. You are creator beings.

What does it mean to step into becoming? “I am” is the beginning of the becoming statement. So if you affirm, “I am a dancer,” you start to see situations in your life — classes, teachers, and time in your schedule to create a dancer being. If you affirm, “I am an intellect,” suddenly those curiosities of your mind, library books, teachers, and friends come with great clarity. As you make these “I am” statements to yourself and to the God within you and around you, whatever you wish to become is reflected in your world; it becomes you.

As a creator being, you now decide your “I am.” Some of you are moving toward dissolution of all identities. You might call that the enlightenment process. We don’t mean annihilation in a negative sense. For those of you moving toward dissolution of identities, you can just stay with “I am” or “am,” which is the pure reverberation of self. And when we speak of self, we mean that piece of your consciousness that you are responsible for while still being emerged into the All, the God that is.